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Brand: WURTH
Brake cleaner aerosol 500 ml.This brake cleaner is a very powerful cleaner and degreaser for a wide range of purposes. MPM Brake Cleaner is above all extremely suitable for removing brake fluid, grease, dirt and oil from brake parts. ..
Brand: WURTH
MOTORCYCLE CHAIN LUBE 300ml Chain spray for motorcycles. Cleans and protects against damage and dirt the chain. Packaging 300 ml.  ..
Brand: WURTH
Is quick and reliable at rectifying ignition problemsTo be used as a preventative measure against ignition problems caused by moisture in vehicles and in other low-voltage ignition systemsThe usage instructions are recommendations based on the tests we have conducted and based on our experience; car..
Brand: WURTH
 Dry synthetic wax that is highly resistant to centrifugal force. Contains PTFE ..
Brand: WURTH
Wurth High Performance Dry Chain Lube 150ml Can A high specfication wax lubricant. Its ability to penetrate the tightest gaps and likages means that the hard wearing lubrication is coated onto all surfaces. Due to the low build technology dirt and grit will not stick to the chain thus increasing the..
Brand: WURTH
 Foam tire repair of Wurth.Deploys and fixes immediately all punctured tires with or without pneumatic tires, without having to remove the wheel or the tire.The contents of the can is enough for a repair...
Brand: WURTH
WURTH SILICON AEROSOL 500ml, 0893221Use as a lubricant on metal, wood, rubber, glass and plastic objects. It is useful on tools, window channels, latches, power tools, automobile rubber seals, gaskets. Stops squeaks, rattles and other friction induced problems. Gives quick release, reduces the clean..
Brand: WURTH
WURTH MULTI-FUNCTIONAL MAINTENANCE OIL SPRAY (5 IN 1) 400ML Specifications:Versatile multi-functional spray for a range of applicationsRemoves rust, lubricates, cleans and maintains Lubricates closures, hinges, bushings, chains and door locks Stops squeaking and creaking, and lubricates everyth..
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