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Shipping Methods

Placing your order you can choose from 4 different ways of receipt for your products


-- A. Send by courier company (courier) - General Postal (GENIKI TAXIDROMIKI)

Your order is sent to the address you indicate in your order by courier company (courier). 
The Express delivery is the next working day of your order  (if the products are available), apart  from some remote areas of  the country where time delivery reaches up to the 3 business days.The charge is 5 €  for any part in Greece up to 3 kgs. In case you want to pay on delivery there is an extra cost of 2 €Express delivery of large parcels and tires is not possible due to high cost.

-- B. Send by transport company ΚΤΕΛ 

After consultation we can send the products purchased by transport company ΚΤΕΛ. If the ordered goods are in stock, we can give them to the transport company ΚΤΕΛ the same day and so you can receive them from your ΚΤΕΛ in a few hours. In this way the mission does not apply the method of remuneration for repayment of your purchase.The charge is 6-10 €  for any part in Greece.


-- C. Send with conventional transport company 
After consultation we can send products purchased with a conventional transport company. In this way the mission does not apply the method of remuneration for repayment of your purchase. The charge will be announced by email or by telephone before the shipment of goods.The charge is 3-10 €  for any part in Greece.


-- D. Receipt of our facilities 
If you do not want the burden of mission you can get yourself and receive from our facilities products you have ordered, after consultation with the relevant part of our company.

For any further clarification or information, please contact us

** Our company reserves the right to change their ways and sending prices at will and without prior warning.